What is a “2D doc” and how can it be used for digital onboarding?

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2D doc digital onboarding

In the realm of French documents, a “2D Doc” refers to a two-dimensional barcode or QR code that is commonly used on proof of address and salary slips and recently, on French ID cards and Tax forms. These codes contain encoded information that can be quickly and easily scanned or read by appropriate devices or software. Let’s explore the significance and purpose of 2D Docs in French documents.

Proof of Address:

When it comes to proof of address documents, such as utility bills or bank statements, a 2D Doc barcode or QR code may be included. This code contains essential information related to the document, such as the customer’s address, account details, billing period, and other relevant data. By scanning or reading the 2D Doc, the encoded information can be extracted and used for verification or record-keeping purposes. 

Salary Slips:

Similarly, French salary slips, commonly known as “bulletins de salaire,” often incorporate a 2D Doc barcode or QR code. This code contains encrypted information about the employee’s salary, deductions, taxes, social security contributions, and other salary-related details. The 2D Doc enables efficient and accurate processing of salary information by employers, tax authorities, or financial institutions.

The inclusion of 2D Docs on these French documents serves multiple purposes:
  • Simplified Data Extraction: By utilizing a 2D barcode or QR code, the encoded information on proof of address and salary slips can be easily and accurately extracted by scanning devices or dedicated software. This saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors compared to manual data entry.
  • Enhanced Security: 2D Docs can incorporate encryption and security measures to protect the sensitive information contained within the document. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the data while allowing authorized parties to access the relevant information when needed.
  • Streamlined Processes: The presence of 2D Docs on French documents streamlines various processes, such as verification, record-keeping, and data analysis. The encoded information can be efficiently captured, stored, and analyzed, enabling organizations to expedite operations and enhance efficiency.
  • Standardization and Compliance: The use of 2D Docs on French documents helps ensure standardization and compliance with regulatory requirements. It allows for consistent data formatting and facilitates compliance checks, audits, or verifications by relevant authorities.

In summary, a 2D Doc in French documents, such as proof of address and salary slips, refers to a two-dimensional barcode or QR code that contains encoded information. These codes streamline data extraction, enhance security, and facilitate efficient processing and analysis of the encoded information. The use of 2D Docs in French documents contributes to standardization, compliance, and streamlined operations within various sectors.

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Written by Tristan L.

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