Consumer credit

Mastering the switch from an in-store business model to online ecommerce.

Fight against fraud was
strengthened by 25%

Middle Office efficiency
augmented by 1 minutes

Agile solution built for
easily scaling new products

cas d'usage crédit à la consommation

The Partner

The credit subsidiary of a major European retailer.

The Challenge

Our partner wanted to offer its prospects and customers a 100% online personal loan application process that complies with regulations while limiting fraud and building upon a new, highly agile IT foundation.

The Solution

Based on QuickSign’s extended experience with the entire regulated finance contractualization process, QuickSign provided a powerful one-stop-shop:


An “advanced” level signature.


A powerful, scalable and multi-channel SaaS platform.


Web, front and back office interfaces to manage subscription files.


Instant document management features: analysis and reading of supporting documents required for loan and credit applications (identity documents, bank details, proof of address, tax returns) to help you make decisions on these key KYC documents.


Advanced statistics to monitor the performance of the entire chain and optimize processes.


Personalized contract management, taking into account all possible customer paths, including complex exceptions.

The Results

QuickSign’s intervention allowed the implementation of a 100% digitalized personal loan process with a simple, secure solution that was deployed within 4 months. The retailer’s fight against fraud was strengthened by +25% and operational efficiency augmented by 1 minute. Together, we built a powerful and agile solution that easily scales to include new product offerings.



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