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Sustaining #1 growth despite tough compliance and intense competition.

100% compliant
KYC process

Drastic drop in identity
theft fraudchannel

Conversion rates
have risen by +15%

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The Partner

Leader in online banking in France.

The Challenge

Our partner wanted to offer its prospects and customers a 100% online personal loan application process that complies with regulations while limiting fraud and building upon a new, highly agile IT foundation.

The Solution

QuickSign set up different decision automated control methods, in order to 1) make the validation of the prospect’s identity more reliable and 2) to accelerate the subscription.


Instant validation of essential controls (MRZ, expiration date) of the identity document by automats thanks to the QuickSign SMARTdata service.


Liveness Detection through video sampling.


Face Matching with matching score calculations between the photo extracted from the ID document and the face captured during the video session.


Validation of additional checks on the ID document (intra-document check and comparison with the customer declaration form).

Now in production, the workflow is continuously optimized based on the analyzed data:


Calibration of facial recognition acceptance thresholds according to user’s behavior (mobile vs. desktop).


On-the-fly alternative paths for users who do not want to or cannot go through the main KYC path.


Implementation of a sampling to validate the performance of the machines.


Post production analysis of proven fraud cases vs. the decisions made by the machines during sign-in journeys.

The Results

The implementation of all the tools and measures aimed at optimizing our client’s KYC management has allowed us to improve many indicators:
  • 100% compliant KYC process,
  • Drastic drop in identity theft fraudchannel,
  • Conversion rates have risen by +15%.



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