Risk Management

Overcome long term risks linked to sign-in journeys, no matter the financial context.

cas d'usage gestion des risques

The Partner​

This use case concerns all of financial services. Audits from regulators happen on a frequent and monitored basis. Surprise visits, however, can heavily impact an IT project. QuickSign is your longterm partner to prepare and overcome all risk hurdles.

The Solution


Surprise audit requests
An auditor visited one of our clients and requested to see 300 signed files, including all the adjacent proof of consent. The client was given 3 months by the regulator. One week later, QuickSign had all the files ready and readable, demonstrating the significant advantage of our digital processes and archiving methodology.


Undercover auditor at a professional fair
A Top 3 car financer in Europe had a booth at a professional fair. During this time, their processes were checked by an undercover regulator for consumer protection and fraud prevention. Their process was considered invalid because it did not show and remit the SECCI prior to the signing. QuickSign was able to configure the workflow and go live within 10 days on all digital processes. The regulator returned 2 months later, satisfied and content.


Production Error
A top 3 consumer credit financer experienced an incident on several thousands of contracts due to a failure in its quality control before a new release: the PDF reader flashed a message, whenever opened, saying that the said contract was invalid. QuickSign conducted an exhaustive instruction and produced a warranty letter confirming the validity of the signature on the credit agreements. Finally, QuickSign defined a new procedure with its client in order to monitor its critical quality control phase. Thanks to these set of actions and extreme reactivity, our client did not need to report a critical incident to the Regulatory Authority and its financer. Production has been smooth ever since.

The Results

QuickSign is not only the European leader in digital sign-in journeys for financial services, we are committed to helping our clients manage the multiple risks they encounter on a daily basis. Together with our clients, we build longterm and trustworthy partnerships.



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