KYC Remediation

Ensure regular KYC compliance for existing clients.

cas d'usage remédiation KYC

The Partner

This use-case concerns a financial service leader in Europe. In general, KYC remediation is a compliance requirement that impacts banks and insurance actors.

The Challenge

To stay compliant financial services need to be up to date on every single identity document of every single customer in their database. Hundreds of thousands of customers are impacted each year across Europe. 

The pain point with KYC remediation is that it brings no value to the customer experience and is expensive for the financial service–yet it is a solid backbone in the fight against money laundering. Getting a customer’s updated identification is a difficult task: it requires stepping out of inertia, convincing the customer to act and managing actions. The challenge was to overcome inertia while minimizing costs.

The Solution

The key to KYC remediation is process control. 

Oftentimes, financial services mobilize operational teams to interact and convince a customer to act but this often proves very costly. To avoid these expensive calls, QuickSign set up a full 4-stop automation program to motivate the customer, collect and validate documents. 

The QuickSign 4-step program is based on the following fundamentals:


Control files and document information


Collect missing documents


Validate documents


Deposit checked & validated documents

Beyond automation, QuickSign followed the progression steps minutely, increasing the pressure on the customer with a multiplication of planned solicitations (email / SMS / voice messaging rather than manual emails or calls).

Success was measured when the degree of automation (at limited costs) of the collection without human intervention had reached significant levels.

The Results

It was by associating multiple QuickSign services–controlling, collecting, validating and monitoring–that the KYC remediation went from a painful must-do to an automated and streamlined, UX enhanced update for this European banking leader. Our data expertise based exclusively on financial services was crucial for success in production.

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