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eIDAS compliant electronic signatures for financial services: including consent management and archiving. Optimize your customer journeys, stress-free. 

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Electronic Signatures are fundamental for financial services. They seal the bilateral trust between a customer and the financial entity. At times, they can include additional members: co-borrowers, guarantors, agents, dealerships… The role of the electronic signature is to seal the contractual relationship for the longterm (typically 10-20 years). 

QuickSign was the first in Europe to provide on-the-fly certificates, enabling anyone to sign online (no equipment needed). Since this pioneer step, we have been increasingly optimizing the contractual process: including high-end consent management, audit trails and personalized proof files that are easy to ready by a judge in case of ligitation.

All our signatures are eIDAS compliant. 

It’s quite simple: if you are a financial service in need of an electronic signature, we have got you covered. From insurance to balloon contracts, to credit and account openings – we’ll take you through the steps, easily. 

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All eIDAS levels are included in our SIGN services… and more: consent, event tracking, audit trails. The complete suite for financial service serenity over time. 

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eIDAS certified Electronic Signatures

All 3 levels: simple, advanced and qualified.

The eIDAS Regulation came into vigor in July 2016 and QuickSign has been certified ever since. Ask us for advice on which electronic signature level to apply for your financial product and your country.

Consent know-how

Managing consents: the key to a longterm contract.

In case of litigation, proving consent is fundamental. As a sector, financial services are under particular scrunity. Contract signing is highly regulated and proof of consent, notably for insurance but also for marketing purposes, is key. At QuickSign, consent is tracked and sealed in our tailor made proof file, built to last decades.

Tailor made Proof Files™

Exclusively designed and created for financial services

In case of litigation, a judge will need evidence. The QuickSign tailor made Proof Files™ are designed explicity for this purposes: human readable, easily structured and navigatable. Opening, understanding and proving a digital onboarding transcation 2, 5 even 15 years down the line has never been this easy.

Ensure safe long term legal archiving

Keep your transaction safe, for decades.

At QuickSign, we make the difference between operational and legal archiving. Operational archiving regards daily matters and is open to multiple types of operating agents. Legal archiving on the otherhand is like an online vault, dedicated to keeping the Proof Files™ untampered, for decades. Highly secured, we create easy, confidential access to a designated few in case of litigation.

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The SIGN service by QuickSign is 100% certified et secured.

Plateforme SaaS onboarding digital services financiers eIDAS

The eIDAS regulation was established by the European Union in 2016 to provide a standardized framework for secure electronic transactions.

eIDAS ensures cross-border recognition of electronic identification and trust services within the EU. Within this framework, QuickSign’s eIDAS-certified KYC facilitates secure and compliant identification processes recognized by all Member States. QuickSign has been certified since 2022.

Plateforme SaaS onboarding digital services financiers LSTI

LSTI (Laboratoire de Sécurité des Technologies de l’Information) is a French certification body that assesses the security of information systems.

A trusted provider like QuickSign seeks LSTI certification to demonstrate its commitment to high security standards and earn the trust of its partners. We have been strengthening our reputation since 2015 with LSTI.

Plateforme SaaS onboarding digital services financiers ISO

ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management systems.

Trusted suppliers seek ISO 27001 certification. QuickSign has been demonstrating its commitment to protecting information assets since 2014.


eIDAS, or electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services, is a European Union regulation that standardizes electronic transactions across EU member states. The regulation outlines the criteria for electronic identification and provides a legal framework for digital signatures, timestamps, and related trust services, such as KYC. eIDAS serves to facilitate cross-border electronic transactions, promote trust, and ensure the security of online services. It is recognized by all Member States. 

As a financial service, it can be difficult to navigate the different levels of electronic signatures, understanding the implications and impacts. The below information is a high level explanation. For specific advice on your use-case, please contact us. Our teams will gladly assist. 

The Simple Electronic Signature (SES

The SES is comparable to consent gathering. It is data in an electronic form which is attached to or logically associated with other data from an electronic form. This data, often in the form a tick box, is used by the signatory to sign. In continental Europe, this signature level is rarely used for financial products (exceptions can be found in Poland). 

The QuickSign SES complies with the eIDAS regulation through:

  • Event Log file
  • Sealed proof file
  • Time stamp of signature
  • SMS sent OTP

The Advanced Electronic Signature (AES)

The AES is an SES + it is uniquely linked to the signatory. It is therefore capable of identifying the signatory. It is created using electronic signature creation data that the signatory can, with a high level of confidence, use under his sole control; and it is linked to the data signed in such a way that any subsequent change in the data is detectable. 

The AES is a common level of signature in continental Europe for account openings and small ticket consumer credit.

The QuickSign AES compliques with the eIDAS regulation through:

  • Event Log file
  • Sealed proof file
  • Certified Time stamp of signature
  • SMS sent via OTP
  • Certificate of signature issued for the customer

The Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

The QES is the AES + a qualified certificate. It’s strength is that is reverses the burden of proof. In case of litigation, a customer must prove that they did not sign. The QES is often used for consumer credit in – but not limited to – Italy, Germany and Belgium. 

The QuickSign QES complies with the eIDAS regulations through:

  • Event Log file
  • Sealed proof file
  • Certified Time stamp of signature
  • SMS sent via OTP (Sent by the Certification Authority)
  • Qualified certificate of signature issued for the customer by QSCD in full compliancy with the EU standard ETSI 319-411.