Finally, a customer data fast track.

SMARTdata is dedicated to accessing and verifying customer information  at breathtaking speed. Top this up with accelerated Middle Office validations. 

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ON SMARTdata :

SMARTData retrieves valid customer information in order to grant access to a financial product. Customer information includes, but is not limited to: the IBAN, proof of address, salary slip, driver’s licence, claims lists…  it varies based on the financial product, the financial service and the country.  

QuickSign’s position is to ensure that no matter the context, any customer can easily provide the necessary information. For documents, that means triggering advanced technologies such as AI and optical character recognition (OCR) in combination with market specific business rules. For online data, that means  enabling instant and secured access to online platforms (such as telecoms). 

On the financial service side, we ensure that beyond accessing information, we accelerate the decision making process for the internal teams. For this, we provide access to our ONE TEAM – Middle Office tool which automates or speeds up the time it takes to accept a customer’s application.  

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and an expert data, we eliminate human error, speed up verification and significantly augment conversion rates. This approach aims to create a seamless user experience while deeply reinforcing the efficiency of Middle Office teams.

Save up to -40%

average time to validate a file by an agent using SMARTdata
vs. a legacy Middle Office tool

source: QuickSign with a Top 4 online bank

SMARTdata is a revolutionary approach to handling customer information. It combines over a decade of pragmatic financial service document management with a visionary data hub and efficiency-machine Middle Office. 

Its strengths lie in the ability to: 

1. Rapidly extract relevant information from documents with the leading AI

2. Seamlessly integrate data options for zero errors

3. Reduce human error by providing the most efficient sorting machine on the market

4. Drastically accelerate Middle Office validations

In short, it optimizes processes, increases efficiency and informs decisions through fast, accurate data analysis.

The QuickSign  SMARTdata marketplace

A service dedicated to efficient customer information validation. 

Our Smartdata Service SMART data visual to explain the steps of digital onboarding

Doc Reco

Automatic document verification (OCR) and business rules

An OCR without business rules is like a bird without wings. In the case of financial services: there can be no conversion rate take off without expert business rules in place. QuickSign coordinates the leading OCRs with market specific algorthims to enable instant decisions.

Data hub

Direct API access to online platforms

As the digital age advances, an increasing number of customers have access to their files online: with electricity, gas, water, telecom providers. At QuickSign, we have streamlined access to these platforms to ensure 100% correct information directly from the source.

Sorting Machine

Drastically reduce human errors in stores, dealerships and/or agencies

In certain context, financial services are operating with agents in stores, dealerships or agencies. These agents are dedicated to signing contracts, not necessarily applying attention to detail in file completion. QuickSign's Sorting Machine automates the file creation process by cropping scanned PDF, finding the information and sorting it. Fast.

Middle Office

Significantly accelerate validation in the Middle Office

When an automatic instant decision cannot be taken, the hyper-efficient Middle Office tools steps in. Designed with and for Middle Office agents, this tool enables agents to focus on anything the machine was not able to find or decide. Agents become hyper-focused, drastically reducing their time to validation.

The Leaders on the market selected QuickSign's SMARTdata


It’s is always a challenge to harmonize terms. At QuickSign, we have used the following logic:

  • KYC is related to identity verification on the basis of a valid ID document. KYC for financial services is highly regulated and we rely on our certifications and regular audits. 
  • SMARTdata on the other hand is linked to any additional information that is provided by a customer. That may be: IBAN, salary slip, proof of address… The authenticity of the document is of high importance however it is the financial services’ internal compliance that dictates business rules to apply (rather than external European Regulations or Directives).

Some financial services include both identity and information under the same generic “KYC” term.  We have chosen to seperate them in order to clarify our offer. At QuickSign, it’s easy to combine services. Feel free to reach out to see which workflow would make the most sense for your business case.

The short answer is yes. And if you don’t have OCRs – we have you covered. 

Our experience in production is that OCRs are a small part of handling customer information efficiently. Their role is necessary to retrieve information automatically however, if used alone or without the proper business rules, they bring no added value to a workflow. 

At QuickSign, we define added value by 1/ increased conversion rates and 2/ decreased time spent by agents to validate incoming onboarding files. 

QuickSign secret sauce: we use the highest standard OCRs available on the market and combine them with financial service specific business rules, data hubs and our Middle Office. Contact us for more information on how SMARTdata will add value to your existing workflows production.

Of course. At QuickSign, we know that ROI is key for financial services looking to automate or accelerate their digital processes. Business analysts and decision makers need to have facts in order to prove performance in production and return on investment. 

SMARTdata is built to handle customer information efficiently. To ensure optimized performance and to continously improve workflows in production, QuickSign (as part of its ONE TEAM EXPERIENCE) provides access to real time performance dashboards.

As an option, our Data Performance Experts can also provide in-depth workshops. Contact us for more information.

At QuickSign, we cover information that is necessary to complete an application to a financial product. 

In continental Europe, these documents typically include: proof of address (electricity, gas, telecoms), IBAN, salary slip, driving license, claims list… 

We handle both structured and non-structured documents. 

Contact us to find out how we can help cover your needs.

Yes. We named our service  “SMARTdata” because it is dedicated to getting customer information no matter the source. We therefore get information where it is: be it on documents, or directly on online platforms. 

In order to seamlessly add platforms to our workflows, we work with efficient login/passwords enabling customers to instantly retrieve their most current information. 

Please note: a typical business rule for a financial services include “proof of address less than 3 months old”, in which case our Data Hub is the instantly loved service by customers.

Yes, absolutely. The SMARTdata service was built exclusively for financial services who navigate strict compliance requirements. Our business rules are designed to adapt to each financial service to ensure the highest performance in production. 

Working with QuickSign means working with financial service experts. Business rules are the key to automating or accelerating validation processes, whilst respecting compliance requirements.

In this context, SMARTdata provides standard, moderate or strict business rules depending on the marketing to compliance ratio requested by a financial service. 

Once in production, our Data Performance Experts are available to deep dive into business rule optimization – that fit your exact needs. 

Contact us for more information.