Drive your digital onboarding, simply.

Monitor your B2C onboarding processes securely.

Digitalize your contracting workflows from start to finish.

Digital onboarding in 3 easy steps



Manage and reduce fraud risks.

Verify the identity of your customers with advanced authentication methods.



With our Greenlight solution: manage your clients’ supporting documents. Speed up approvals and processing time with automatic, real-time analyses.



With Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signatures,

obtain legally enforceable contracts including

a full audit trail.

The onboarding backbone includes

One single REST API

provides access the entire QuickSign offer

Workflow management

Customized to each of our client’s needs

Audit trail

Stay legally compliant in all contexts

Advanced Statistics

Monitor your business’ KPIs in real time

Back office GUI

Manage contracts, activate automation

Multi & Cross channel

Works anywhere: online, POS, in store…

Adapts to the device of your choice



Accelerate your customer aquisition
Improve customer experience

Simplify client onboarding with instant real-time feedback.

No more endless back & forths to complete a contract!

Maximize operational efficiency

Reduced back office processing time of customer applications,

thanks to OCR and automatic verification of documents.

N#1 in digital onboarding

Trusted by more than 90% of key players in the Finance and Insurance sectors.

Across the consumer finance and retail sectors in Europe, QuickSign is  preferred by some of the

world’s largest organisations to acquire new customers through 100% digitalized workflows in B2C contracts.

Currently onboarding in more than 10 European countries
map quicksign
Want to know how QuickSign can work for you?

Go ahead and contact us, our teams will get back to you shortly. 🙂


Depending on the contexts and the countries, we can plug into external partners. If you wish to work together in a particular country or for a specific project, please get in touch.

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