Car Financing

Taking it to the next level: omnicanal cross-country sign-in journeys.

Only 1 API for 5 countries
country specificites included

95% digital penetration rate
increase by +60% since switch
to QuickSign

2.5min faster average file verification
compared to previous provider

cas d'usage financement automobile

The Partner​

A Top 3 car financing institution, operating across the entire European Economic Area. Our Client has over 15M+ customers.

The Challenge

The Corporate team was given the task to create a “fast track” digital onboarding process to be deployed internationally. This process needed to include face to face and distant KYC, document collection and controls and legally binding electronic signature contract management. Performing digital onboarding is a regulatory requirement for financial services. But, to build the car financing of the future, our client needed to navigate each local compliance whilst adding a key innovation: leaning into their customers’ omnicanal behaviors.

The Solution

Together with the corporate team and local team, we created a pilot in Belgium, wherein we co-designed the omnicanal journey for the car financing of the future.

Once design was complete, the QuickSign and Client tech teams set up a Slack channel. This is where fireworks took place: our client’s back-end developers had access to our online documentation and, when in doubt, sent direct questions and got instant responses from QuickSign’s team.

It took only 3 months from the Kick Off to the Go Live for this next generation workflow to go into production.

The Results

After going live in Belgium, international deployment was simple: with only 1 single API, we were able to open new workflows in 5 countries including Germany, Italy and Hungary.

Our Client was able to ensure streamlined user experience across borders without ever compromising on time-to-market, costs, compliance or innovation.

Today, our client reaches up to 95% digital penetration rates across countries, which is a +60% increase since switch to QuickSign. File validation to provide credit validation are on average 2.5 minutes faster compared to previous providers. Since: 3 more major European countries are planning to go live.



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