Non-life Insurance

Overcome inertia with process control to obtain up-to-date customer identification while minimizing costs.

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The Partner

European leader in non-Life Insurance.

The Challenge

Over the past decades, the non-life insurance sector margins have been significantly reduced across Europe. At state for this Insurer was to create a mass market offering with a low cost approach which would provide additional margins in a highly competitive and cost cutting environment.

The Solution

QuickSign proposed an off-the-shelf combination of its services in order to remove all superfluous actions on the part of customers (conversion rate impacts) and back office agents (margin impacts). For this to happen, QuickSign associated its services to create a unique  “Uber” like experience: both for the customer facing and middle office agent journeys. 

The sign-in journey was re-built to shift the completion responsibility towards the customers, thereby providing them with additional independence and knowledge – including real-time automated feedback on the quality of their documents without needing to talk with an agent. With regained autonomy and helpful tutorials, our non-life insurer was able to significantly improve their conversion rates.  

This re-design also impacted the middle office. Not only was the need for call center assistance significantly reduced across the entire non-life offering, when agents were sollicitated, the powerful Middle Office UX interface reduced their completion time drastically.

The Results

Grâce à la combinaison des services QuickSign, cet assureur a pu doubler ses marges nettes en numérisant et en rationalisant ses processus.Thanks to QuickSign’s re-design of the customer and agent journey into a streamlined “Uber” process, our Insurer was able to double its net margins, despite the extreme competition. In our client’s words, “We never dared to dream this big”.

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