One API to access any digital onboarding service.

QuickSign Platform

Designed for customer facing efficiency. Powered by industrial processes.
Success for large scale deployments guaranteed.

Customer Facing Journeys




Powered by Industrial Processes

Real Time Data Tracking

  • Fraud alerts
  • Automation performance
  • Success rate monitoring

Exception Management

  • Fall back option coordination
  • Reminder and re-try rules engine
  • Intuitive manual validation tool

100% Compliant Audit Trails

  • EU certified services
  • Tailor-made legal proof files
  • Local countries compliancy hub

Product Details

Tailor make your sign-in journeys, 100% compliant

Provide compliant KYC across Europe with
QuickSign’s certified services.

ID Pulp:

  • Global EU Compliance Coverage
  • eIDAS Compliant
  • Biometrics
  • Fraud Expert Bureau

ID Fence:

  • PVID in France
  • Pending ANSSI Certification
  • Biometrics
  • Fraud Expert Bureau

ID Hub:

  • Local eID Schemes
  • Nationally Compliant
  • Data

Prove customer information, no matter the source.


  • Classification Page Crop
  • Field Extraction 
  • Business Rules


  • External Database Access
  • Information Reliability
  • Data Controls

File Management:

  • Score
  • Fallbacks
  • User Support and Guidance

Sign everywhere with eIDAS compliant electronic signatures. Device and location agnostic.

Electronic Signatures:

  • Qualified (QES)
  • Advanced (AES)
  • Simple (SES)

Consent Capturing:

  • Tracking
  • Event Logs
  • Timestamps

Vault Management:

  • Secure Connexion
  • Recovery
  • Activity Cross Checking

Optimize your industrial processes with our middle office tool, made for and build with middle office agents.

The QuickSign platform is natively compliant and secure.

Powered by the latest tech stack.


  • Online developer ressources: API and SDK online access (sandbox, doc…)

  • Online support during the integration phase


  • Cloud native architecture with low code configuration modules

  • High end customizable features


  • Online Service Status for each service

  • State of the art secure communication protocols at the banking services standard

Tech Stack Examples

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