Harnessing the Power of Compliance at QuickSign: A Three-Level Approach

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The essence of compliance is to ensure adherence to a set of established guidelines or regulations. At QuickSign, we view compliance from three distinct yet intertwined levels – the onboarding, the audit, and the security and data protection levels.



Firstly, the primary focus of most businesses revolves around onboarding. At QuickSign, we ensure a seamless workflow. It adheres strictly to the local Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations of the country in focus. Furthermore, central to this process is the implementation of Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), AML/KYC practices, and audit trails.

Our robust technical API and platform can be easily configured to match your specific needs. Thus, we’re able to provide a compliant workflow that satiates your business requirements.



Secondly, the auditing phase often happens years after the KYC process. It requires businesses to prove due diligence was observed in their operations. Besides, we had a revealing experience about a year ago when the French regulator set up shop at our client’s back office to review files from over a decade ago. This event particularly  highlighted the importance of maintaining thorough documentation and proof files to satisfy regulatory demands.

At QuickSign, we go beyond merely providing the necessary data. We leverage data analytics to provide insightful statistics and metadata, ensuring our clients are informed about the workflows they’re deploying. Indeed, our approach enables you to understand what type of KYC was performed, where the profiles are located, and other pertinent information about the process.


Compliance Level

Thirdly, at the compliance level, we adhere strictly to the e-guidelines, responding to all audits as required by our clients. Our role extends to providing all necessary information to showcase to your regulator that you follow your third-party governance, among other regulations.

Moreover, we currently have an ongoing project with a major financial institution to deploy a solution within a dedicated cloud data server. This level of compliance is aimed at institutions that need to control 100% of the data flow, particularly sensitive data transmitted from their back office.

In conclusion, compliance, as we see it, isn’t just about adhering to set standards but finding innovative ways to achieve these standards while meeting business objectives. It’s about working together as a team during the upgrade phase and deep-diving into files for checks.

Whether you’re focused on the standard level of compliance, ready for an upgrade, or leveling up to internalize the cloud in your own infrastructure, QuickSign is prepared to journey with you, every step of the way. Compliance is not a mere check-box at QuickSign, but an integral part of our operations – from onboarding to long-term data security.

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