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Mastering the switch from an in-store business model to online ecommerce

Sustaining #1 growth despite tough compliance and intense competition

Taking it to the next level: omnicanal cross-country sign-in journeys.

The development of an online life insurance offer with a “best price/low cost” positioning.

Overcome long term risks linked to sign-in journeys, no matter the financial context.

Ensure regular KYC
compliance for existing clients.

Overcome inertia with process control to obtain up-to-date customer identification while minimizing costs.

Fight against fraud was strengthened by 25%

Middle Office efficiency augmented by 1 minutes

Agile solution built for easily scaling new products

cas d'usage crédit à la consommation

The Partner
The credit subsidiary of a major European retailer.

The Challenge
Our partner wanted to offer its prospects and customers a 100% online personal loan application process that complies with regulations while limiting fraud and building upon a new, highly agile IT foundation.

The Solution
Based on QuickSign’s extended experience with the entire regulated finance contractualization process, QuickSign provided a powerful one-stop-shop:

  • An “advanced” level signature
  • A powerful, scalable and multi-channel SaaS platform
  • Web, front and back office interfaces to manage subscription files
  • Instant document management features: analysis and reading of supporting documents required for loan and credit applications (identity documents, bank details, proof of address, tax returns) to help you make decisions on these key KYC documents
  • Advanced statistics to monitor the performance of the entire chain and optimize processes
  • Personalized contract management, taking into account all possible customer paths, including complex exceptions

The Results
QuickSign’s intervention allowed the implementation of a 100% digitalized personal loan process with a simple, secure solution that was deployed within 4 months. The retailer’s fight against fraud was strengthened by +25% and operational efficiency augmented by 1 minute. Together, we built a powerful and agile solution that easily scales to include new product offerings.

fight against fraud was strengthened by


100% compliant KYC process

Drastic drop in identity theft fraudchannel

Conversion rates have risen by +15%
cas d'usage banque en ligne

The Partner
Leader in online banking in France.

The Challenge
This 100% digital player wanted to strengthen its remote identity verification procedures to improve its fight against identity theft and gain greater control of its compliance risks. The QuickSign ID Snap KYC service was chosen because of its robustness in anti-fraud filtering, its certifications and streamlined UX.

The Solution
QuickSign set up different decision automated control methods, in order to 1) make the validation of the prospect’s identity more reliable and 2) to accelerate the subscription.

  • Instant validation of essential controls (MRZ, expiration date) of the identity document by automats thanks to the QuickSign SMARTdata service
  • Liveness Detection through video sampling
  • Face Matching with matching score calculations between the photo extracted from the ID document and the face captured during the video session
  • Validation of additional checks on the ID document (intra-document check and comparison with the customer declaration form)

Now in production, the workflow is continuously optimized based on the analyzed data:

  • Calibration of facial recognition acceptance thresholds according to user’s behavior (mobile vs. desktop),
  • On-the-fly alternative paths for users who do not want to or cannot go through the main KYC path,
  • Implementation of a sampling to validate the performance of the machines,
  • Post production analysis of proven fraud cases vs. the decisions made by the machines during sign-in journeys.


The Results
The implementation of all the tools and measures aimed at optimizing our client’s KYC management has allowed us to improve many indicators:
  • 100% compliant KYC process
  • Drastic drop in identity theft fraudchannel
  • Conversion rates have risen by +15%

Conversion rates have risen by


Only 1 API for 5 countries
country specificites included

95% digital penetration rate increase by +60% since switch to QuickSign

2.5min faster average file verification compared to previous provider

cas d'usage financement automobile

The Partner
A Top 3 car financing institution, operating across the entire European Economic Area. Our Client has over 15M+ customers.

The Challenge
The Corporate team was given the task to create a “fast track” digital onboarding process to be deployed internationally. This process needed to include face to face and distant KYC, document collection and controls and legally binding electronic signature contract management. Performing digital onboarding is a regulatory requirement for financial services. But, to build the car financing of the future, our client needed to navigate each local compliance whilst adding a key innovation: leaning into their customers’ omnicanal behaviors.

The Solution
Together with the corporate team and local team, we created a pilot in Belgium, wherein we co-designed the omnicanal journey for the car financing of the future.

Once design was complete, the QuickSign and Client tech teams set up a Slack channel. This is where fireworks took place: our client’s back-end developers had access to our online documentation and, when in doubt, sent direct questions and got instant responses from QuickSign’s team.

It took only 3 months from the Kick Off to the Go Live for this next generation workflow to go into production.

faster average file verification compared to previous provider


The Results
After going live in Belgium, international deployment was simple: with only 1 single API, we were able to open new workflows in 5 countries including Germany, Italy and Hungary.

Our Client was able to ensure streamlined user experience across borders without ever compromising on time-to-market, costs, compliance or innovation.

Today, our client reaches up to 95% digital penetration rates across countries, which is a +60% increase since switch to QuickSign. File validation to provide credit validation are on average 2.5 minutes faster compared to previous providers. Since: 3 more major European countries are planning to go live.

cas d'usage assurance vie

The Partner
European leader in Life Insurance.

The Challenge

The challenge for this European Insurance leader with a powerful network of sales reps was to develop an online Life Insurance offer with a ‘better price / low cost’ positioning without cannibalizing its existing franchise. Three challenges was identified for the onboarding part:

  • How to be fully compliant with the regulation (KYC, Contract Management, Signature validity) knowing that life insurance is one of the most risky mass-market financial contract  with a strict rules of commercialization, complex to comply with and high risk of group actions if the legal formalities were not respected?
  • How to control the online acquisition model by optimizing the conversion rate in order to dramatically reduce the overall acquisition costs and return part of the value to the consumer without eroding the business profitability?
  • How to interconnect the online channel with the face to face network as a potential support, typically to collect the funds at the end of the process?

The Solution
QuickSign provided its off-the-shelf services for a seamless omnicanal journey: KYC, close compliance tracking (pre-contractual information, consent, withdrawal periods…), legally binding signatures and data monitoring. 

The Insurer and QuickSign collaborated closely in order to minimize drop off rates to the bare minimum. The sign-in journey was fine-tuned with a state-of-the-art UX and a combination of QuickSign services including analytics tools, production monitoring and conformity abiding KYC and SIGN.

The Results
In the preparatory phase: the Insurer relied on QuickSign’s expertise on all aspects related to the marketing of online financial services (compliance, risk, UX, data value) in order to build an agile base to succeed for the launch. During the optimization phase: the QuickSign monitoring, piloting and data tracking were used to improve the journey’s performance. 

At the time of the launch, the Insurer was able to validate the QuickSign team’s analysis: onboarding weighs over half of acquisition costs and must therefore be entrusted to specialists. The optimization steps are still ongoing but the business model is now viable and our Insurer has enriched its product range and can address a new customer base without disrupting its business model.

According to our client, without Quicksign, this project would not have been possible.

100% compliant KYC process

Drastic drop in identity theft fraudchannel.

Conversion rates have risen by +15%
cas d'usage gestion des risques

The Partner
This use case concerns all of financial services. Audits from regulators happen on a frequent and monitored basis. Surprise visits, however, can heavily impact an IT project. QuickSign is your longterm partner to prepare and overcome all risk hurdles.


#1 Risk – Surprise audit requests
An auditor visited one of our clients and requested to see 300 signed files, including all the adjacent proof of consent. The client was given 3 months by the regulator. One week later, QuickSign had all the files ready and readable, demonstrating the significant advantage of our digital processes and archiving methodology.

#2 Risk – Undercover auditor at a professional fair A Top 3 car financer in Europe had a booth at a professional fair. During this time, their processes were checked by an undercover regulator for consumer protection and fraud prevention. Their process was considered invalid because it did not show and remit the SECCI prior to the signing. QuickSign was able to configure the workflow and go live within 10 days on all digital processes. The regulator returned 2 months later, satisfied and content.

#3 – Production Error
A top 3 consumer credit financer experienced an incident on several thousands of contracts due to a failure in its quality control before a new release: the PDF reader flashed a message, whenever opened, saying that the said contract was invalid. QuickSign conducted an exhaustive instruction and produced a warranty letter confirming the validity of the signature on the credit agreements. Finally, QuickSign defined a new procedure with its client in order to monitor its critical quality control phase. Thanks to these set of actions and extreme reactivity, our client did not need to report a critical incident to the Regulatory Authority and its financer. Production has been smooth ever since.

The Results
QuickSign is not only the European leader in digital sign-in journeys for financial services, we are committed to helping our clients manage the multiple risks they encounter on a daily basis. Together with our clients, we build longterm and trustworthy partnerships.

European leader in digital sign-in journeys for financial services

cas d'usage remédiation KYC

The Partner
This use-case concerns a financial service leader in Europe. In general, KYC remediation is a compliance requirement that impacts banks and insurance actors.

The Challenge
To stay compliant financial services need to be up to date on every single identity document of every single customer in their database. Hundreds of thousands of customers are impacted each year across Europe. 

The pain point with KYC remediation is that it brings no value to the customer experience and is expensive for the financial service–yet it is a solid backbone in the fight against money laundering. Getting a customer’s updated identification is a difficult task: it requires stepping out of inertia, convincing the customer to act and managing actions. The challenge was to overcome inertia while minimizing costs.

The Solution
The key to KYC remediation is process control. 

Oftentimes, financial services mobilize operational teams to interact and convince a customer to act but this often proves very costly. To avoid these expensive calls, QuickSign set up a full 4-stop automation program to motivate the customer, collect and validate documents. 

The QuickSign 4-step program is based on the following fundamentals:

  1. Control files and document information
  2. Collect missing documents
  3. Validate documents
  4. Deposit checked & validated documents

Beyond automation, QuickSign followed the progression steps minutely, increasing the pressure on the customer with a multiplication of planned solicitations (email / SMS / voice messaging rather than manual emails or calls).

Success was measured when the degree of automation (at limited costs) of the collection without human intervention had reached significant levels.

The Results
It was by associating multiple QuickSign services–controlling, collecting, validating and monitoring–that the KYC remediation went from a painful must-do to an automated and streamlined, UX enhanced update for this European banking leader. Our data expertise based exclusively on financial services was crucial for success in production.

cas d'usage assurance IARD

The Partner
European leader in non-Life Insurance.

The Challenge
Over the past decades, the non-life insurance sector margins have been significantly reduced across Europe. At state for this Insurer was to create a mass market offering with a low cost approach which would provide additional margins in a highly competitive and cost cutting environment.

The Solution
QuickSign proposed an off-the-shelf combination of its services in order to remove all superfluous actions on the part of customers (conversion rate impacts) and back office agents (margin impacts). For this to happen, QuickSign associated its services to create a unique  “Uber” like experience: both for the customer facing and middle office agent journeys. 

The sign-in journey was re-built to shift the completion responsibility towards the customers, thereby providing them with additional independence and knowledge – including real-time automated feedback on the quality of their documents without needing to talk with an agent. With regained autonomy and helpful tutorials, our non-life insurer was able to significantly improve their conversion rates.  

This re-design also impacted the middle office. Not only was the need for call center assistance significantly reduced across the entire non-life offering, when agents were sollicitated, the powerful Middle Office UX interface reduced their completion time drastically.

The Results
Thanks to QuickSign’s re-design of the customer and agent journey into a streamlined “Uber” process, our Insurer was able to double its net margins, despite the extreme competition. In our client’s words, “We never dared to dream this big”.

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