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We cater exclusively to financial services.

Consumer credit

Accompagny your agents to onboard new clients. 
Automate processes online for instant decision.

Account Opening

Maximize your conversion rates without compromising on scalability. Provide instant and automatic responses.

Insurance access

Automate life and non-life insurance contracts. Validate supporting documents instantly for high quality files.

Consumer credit

Our consumer credit customers are looking to digitize their processes in agencies to accompany their agents or dealers. Online, instant credit decision is at stake.

Whether you already use digital or paper, we have solutions for you!

Account Opening

Our online bank clients are most concerned with 1# instant results #2 scalability and 3# being natively compliant thanks to the latest technologies. 

Experiencing the same challenges? We have the solution!

Insurance Access

Our life and non-life insurance clients are focused on processing the documents they need from customers–notably how to automatically process non-structured documents. 

Interested? We have built the ideal solution.

Start driving your onboarding, simply.