QuickSign Professional Services

Implementation Success

QuickSign platform is delivered in SaaS mode.

Aiming to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction,

our dedicated team of consultants and expert engineers will manage your project from pre-study 

to the implementation of the solution, thus ensuring its success in a matter of weeks.


Digital Contract Workflow Expertise

We support the upstream phase of our customers' digitalization projects by conducting tailored and comprehensive ROI studies, based on quantitative and qualitative data. This allows our customers to understand the challenges as well as benefits of a contract management digitalization strategy.

The ROI calculation takes into account all proposed improvements made by our project teams. Our customers gain a comprehensive vision of all benefits associated to the project (increased productivity, reduced general expenses), as well as organizational impacts. Moreover, we guide and support our customers in the implementation of best practices in order to increase the overall return on investment.

Project Management Expertise

We assist our customers throughout the project from feasibility studies to completion, ensuring the implementation of a successful digitalization strategy on all existing channels. We consider your business drivers and operational challenges to provide guidelines for improvement, limit process breakdowns, optimize the number of automated steps, improve efficiency and productivity.

We adapt to our customers’ goals and expectations through feasibility study (feasibility validation and ROI calculation), project charter (situation assessment, requirements specifications, project guidelines proposition), and complete project management. We ensure project monitoring (resources, planning, stages, KPI), tools parametrisation, go-live, maintenance and support, users training etc.

Customer experience benchmark

Technological innovations drive up customer expectations in their interactions with brands. Multichannel customer relationship management needs to be mastered in order to optimize customer experience – both online and at point-of-sale.

We assist our customers to develop customer experience benchmarks through a set of best practices acquired from our successful projects. By combining our consultancy services with innovative tools, end-consumer experience is improved and our customers are able to quickly improve profitability.

Training and Support

We provide training to our customers (point of sale advisors, call center advisors etc.), to facilitate the use and customization of our solution. Specific on-site training is also available. Upon deployment of our solution, customer support is always available to:

  • accompany user learning and monitor operations ramp up
  • analyze problems encountered with our solution and determine optimal solutions
  • run reports ensuring the continuous improvement or our services

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