Digital onboarding for people.

Our Mission

What we do

At QuickSign®, we’re making the world hassle free by removing paper processes for financial services. Our secret? Choreographed digital innovations.

What makes us different

We’re the 1st in Europe to provide a one-stop-shop digital onboarding solution. Our offer: customized workflows & OCR driven back office interfaces to remove operational burdens for B2C contracts.

Leadership Team
Portrait of QuickSign's Founder and CEO
Thibaut Ravisé
Founder and CEO

Thibaut graduated from HEC & participated in the launch of Keynectis, the 1st French Trusted Third Party. His extensive business expertise in financial services drove him to build the 1st specialized digital onboarding platform: QuickSign.

Portrait of QuickSign's Co-founder and Business Development
Benoit Lassara
Founder and Business Development

Benoit began his career at JP Morgan before joining EGG bank. He then co-founded Altenor (bought in 2010) and managed strategic consulting missions for financial services. At QuickSign, grows the business internationally.

Portrait of QuickSign's Administrative and Financial Manager
Elisabeth Basini
Administrative & Financial Manager

Elisabeth is a ESCP Europe and Université Panthéon Sorbonne graduate. She has almost 10 years of experience in finance. At QuickSign she leads the administrative and financial office.

Portrait of QuickSign's Customer Success Director
Benoit Bécart
Customer Success Director

Benoit is an ICAM and EDHEC graduate with a solid expertise in IS project management and business transformation. At QuickSign, he leads digital onboarding implementation for our clients.

Portrait of QuickSign's Marketing Director
Laila Bendiab
Marketing Director

Laila is an ESCP-EAP graduate with over 10 years of experience in B2C banking product marketing. At QuickSign, she drives our product innovation with a sharp eye on business contexts.

Portrait of QuickSign's Business Development and Sales Director
Xavier Brucker
Business Dev & Sales Director

Xavier is an X, Telecom ParisTech and MIT graduate who has grown businesses in France and the US, in e-payment and SaaS services. At QuickSign, Xavier leads business development and sales.

Portrait of QuickSign's Director of Operations
Xavier Roussillon
Operations Director

Xavier is a EM Lyon & Central Lyonholds graduate. He started with payment consulting and managing Lcom’s projects department. At QuickSign, he ensures our operational maintenance.

Portrait of QuickSign's Chief Technology Officer
Cédric Vidal
Chief Technology Officer

Cédric is an EISTI graduate in computer science. He evolved from developer, designer and analyst, to Technical Manager and Technical Director at Proxiad. At QuickSign, he’s our CTO.

Looking to join our team?

We’re recruiting! Check out our jobs section.

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