Digital Contract Management

QuickSign SaaS Platform


QuickSign® is an end-to-end Digital Contract Management solution 

to sign and handle contracts with electronic signatures. To achieve straight-through processing,

QuickSign replaces the printer, scanner and couriers traditionally used in contract signing with digital workflows.

From the point of contract creation to the electronic archiving of digitally signed contracts, make

the last mile of your customer transactions a faster, more secure process.


Advanced Workflows

  • Implement multi-channel contract scenarios
  • Capture and control customers' supporting documents in real-time
  • Send and manage reminders, notifications and withdrawal period
  • Conveniently monitor each stage of your customer's contract signing process
  • The only legally compliant WYSWIG signature service enhanced for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows)


  • Generate customizable dashboards and reports to view analytics of all your digital transactions
  • Track and manage performance of your digital transaction processes to improve productivity and ROI

Fraud Management

  • Support for client multi-authentication methods, including digital certificates, SMS OTP, voice recording
  • Automatic verification of supporting documents: Optical Character Recognition and cross-checks with external third-party databases

Sign Anytime, Anywhere

  • Desktop/Mobile: access QuickSign's web portal with click-to-sign signatures
  • Android/iOS/WacomTablets: access QuickSign apps with “handwritten” signatures

Speed and Support

Flexible and Powerful SAAS Platform

  • Open APIs relying on Web standards REST and SOAP
  • Highly secure and configurable
  • Outstanding availability rates
  • Connection to your organization's information systems using standard Internet protocols, in order to be integrated with your distribution, reporting, ECM or CRM systems
  • 'Manual' mode can be used without any technical integration

Scalable and Easy to Deploy

  • With an SaaS platform, a pilot can be setup in a few days
  • All contract scenarios can be configured on QuickSign Portal in one day
  • Easy-to-use administration interface
  • Proven implementation methodology
  • Strong support for deployment

Qualified E-Signatures &

Trust Services

Complete legal compliance for B2C financial contract management in Europe

  • Multi-level certifications of electronic signature conformity
  • Certified to issue Qualified Certificate (ETSI), in line with eIDAS Regulation for qualified signature
  • Complete legal compliance : legal archiving of sealed file, comprehensive audit trail
  • Compliant with financial services distribution regulation
  • Compliant with confidentiality and data protection regulation
  • Favourable jurisprudence by French judicial system
  • Connections to leading certification authorities in each country

Proven Performance

  • The most widely used solution for the electronic signature of B2C financial contracts in Europe, with millions of contracts signed
  • Present in 15 European countries, leader in the Consumer Credit, Wealth Management and Direct Banking industries


In a multi-channel sales process,

QuickSign accelerates contract closing and improves customer experience .

Distance Sales: Signing Online

QuickSign Portal, our flagship technological platform, aims to maximize 100% digitalized transactions of B2C products.

In straight-through processing scenarios, customers can complete a transaction online - they can fill out a contract, submit supporting documents and sign electronically by connecting to QuickSign Portal.

Alternatively, after a face-to-face or phone consultation with the sales person, customers can continue the contract signing process online via QuickSign Portal.

Example scenario: Implementation of QuickSign for distance sales through a call center.

Point of Sale

QuickSign develops apps for Tablet devices to manage digital contracts at Point of Sale.


Different contract paths are fully configured on our online platform, QuickSign Portal.

Hence, any addition or modification to the path require no redeployment at Point of Sale.

Customers can:

Validate and sign contracts on Android, iOS as well as Wacom tablets

Sign with ‘handwritten’ electronic signatures on the tablet screen

Capture and upload supporting documents using Android/iOS tablets or mobile devices, which are transmitted directly to QuickSign Portal

Example scenario: Implementation of QuickSign at Point of Sale





  • A Turnkey SaaS solution for B2C contracts
  • Customizeable electronic signature workflows
  • Integration via API Soap/Rest or IHMs QS
  • Flexible usage for multi-channel sales on multiple devices
  • Certified electronic signature
  • Easy upload of documents via QuickSign apps
  • Security, authentication and fraud control
  • Follow up and monitoring tools to speed up decision-making
  • Electronic archiving of signed contracts



Premium Options:

  • Additional performance management
  • Additional SLA criteria
  • Superior customer support


*Plans for personal use are not available.