OLD Simple, efficient, intuitive. Digital Onboarding with QuickSign.

One-stop-shop Digital Onboarding Solution

QuickSign is a digital contracting platform that lets you design and manage every step of your customer sign ups.

From the point of contract creation to electronic archiving, make the last mile of your customer conversions a faster, more secure process.

Authenticate. Upload. Sign.

Embark on a fully digital customer onboarding process: from authentication, to upload of supporting documents and electronic signature.

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Authenticate your customer

Reduce risks by verifying your signatory’s identity, using authentication options such as SMS One Time Password code, vocal server, face matching and biometric handwritten signature recognition on tablets.

Capture and manage supporting documents

Images of supporting documents can be captured with mobile or tablet devices and uploaded directly onto the QuickSign platform.

With QuickSign’s Automatic Document Recognition technology, documents are analysed in real-time to detect fraud and verify compliance levels.

Sign digitally

Secure your contracts with Advanced Electronic Signatures and Qualified Electronic Signatures.

Customers can sign on multiple devices: on the web platform with click-to-sign signatures, or on Android/iOS/Wacom Tablets for “handwritten” signatures.

Follow up

Send SMS and email reminders to your customers if their supporting documents are missing or non-compliant.

Your customers can also reconnect to the web portal at any time to resume and complete their transactions.

Accelerate. Analyse. Archive.

Speed up the processing time for all digital subscriptions. Optimize your productivity and conversion rates with our real-time statistics tools and customized dashboards.

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Automate document reading and recognition

Speed up transaction processing time by automating quality control and reinforce anti-fraud controls of customer files.

Manage your digital files

Receive real-time updates on transaction statuses to manage your customer reminders and notifications.

Validate customers’ supporting documents directly on the QuickSign platform.

Monitor and analyse

Boost your sales performance with analytics dashboards and compare workflows between your products and sales channels.

Trace and store transactions

All actions linked to the transaction are recorded in transaction logs, providing a step-by-step traceability which can be used in case of legal dispute.

Transactions can also be stored and retrieved with our e-archiving option.

Design your digital onboarding process.

Create customized workflows adapted to your business and regulatory constraints with the range of options offered on the QuickSign platform.

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Configure all steps

Choose your authentication method for each sales channel.

Choose electronic signature level – Advanced or Qualified.

Add or remove a step in your process.

Set up email & SMS reminder campaigns.

Manage the permissions of your back office users.

A full range of setup options are available!

Implement for multi- and cross-channel processes

Gain flexibility with a multi-channel platform: make your first customer contact by phone, e-mail or at point of sale, and finalize the contract on the web. Our platform is designed for mobility.

Integrate seamlessly.

Opt for flexibility with a SaaS platform: implement large-scale projects under 3 months and instantly benefit from our platform evolutions.

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API integration

Deployment is fast and scalable via open REST and SOAP APIs.

All workflows and automations can be configured on all devices (web, mobile, Android/iOS/Wacom tablets).

As a powerful and flexible SaaS, new features and upgrades will be directly available on the QuickSign platform.

Secure and Compliant

QuickSign’s certified environment and processes conform to highest security standards as required by banking regulations, as well as European Data Protection Regulations.

Data security is ensured with ISO 27 001 certified redundant Data Centers.



Digitalize your services quickly with our flexible SaaS platform


Enhance customer experience with an intuitive interface


Deploy internationally at minimized costs

Gain new visibility

Monitor every stage of your customers’ contract signing process and optimize workflows

Boost sales

Simplify contract signing online or at point of sale - say goodbye to printing, scanning and courier services

Build trust

Obtain full legal compliance for B2C financial contract management in Europe

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