OLD Qualified Electronic Signature

What is a Qualified Electronic Signature?

Qualified Electronic Signatures are defined by eIDAS (Electronic IDentification And Trust Services),

a European Union regulation that oversees the levels of Electronic Signatures and their legal status.

eIDAS defines Qualified Electronic Signature as being equivalent to a handwritten signature.

It requires a complex framework of certification and registration authorities

as well as specific certificates and e-archiving.

Legal value

Strongest level of electronic signature, equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Cross-border recognition

A Qualified Electronic Signature has the same legal value in all member states of the European Union.

Burden of proof

In the event of a litigation, the burden of proof falls on your customers, as would be the case with a handwritten signature.

Implementation with QuickSign

Off-the-shelf Solution

Benefit from the simplicity of our platform, which enforces the binding measures required for the implementation of qualified electronic signatures.

Fast Deployment

Your project can be easily implemented within 3 months, accompanied by dedicated experts for large-scale deployments.

Long-term commitment

A fully compliant solution that is audited annually, QuickSign holds privileged relationships with regulatory bodies.

Our focus is continuous optimization of customer experience, with a long-term commitment for enriched Qualified Electronic Signature services.

More about QuickSign’s Registration Policy >

For more information about Qualified Electronic Signatures, please contact us.

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