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Data-driven products.


Your customers will...

Save time

Our easy-to-use products reduce administrative burdens. Sign under 1 minute.

Be supported

Our products are simple & easy to use.
Our real time feedback provides a stress free experience.

Gain in satisfaction

Our digital onboarding workflows are optimized to generate the best operational efficiency and user experience.

...your back offices will

Optimize workflows

Our BPMN platform ensures made-to-measure workflows for your products. Create new ones easily.

Manage exceptions

Complexities in the back office arise from exceptions. We automate the decision making process instantly.

Monitor B.I.

Thanks to our powerful big data tool, follow your business in real time. Ensure the high performance of all AI tools.



Identify your customers in a full online process: incl. Face Match and Liveness Detection, connecting to governmental platforms or other databases.

Smart Document

Propose instant feedback regarding the validity of your customers' documents. Automate file checks in the back office.


Integrate eIDAS compliant e-signatures (European regulation). Adjust the level of signature to the market standard: qualified, advanced or simple.

Exception management

Orchestrate workflows and intergrate exceptions with BPMN technology. Provide AI powered back office interfaces.

Anti-fraud & audit trails

Provide in-depth file analysis with natively compliant anti-fraud algorythms and powerful audit trails.

Business Intelligence

Monitor your workflows' efficiency with dashboards. Optimize conversion rates based on concrete data.

Middle office

The state-of-the-art validation tool for back office agents. Automate the simple files, accompany agents automatically for the complex ones.

Data Science

Data is at the heart of our DNA. Our clients have access to in-depth analyses to compare themselves to the market and optimize their transformation rates.

Machine Learning

We have a dedicated team of R&D specialized in machine learning. They develop products which cannot be found on the market, notably for document recognition.

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