Technical Partners

With a network of partnerships with leading services providers in Europe, QuickSign delivers comprehensive solutions using best-of-breed technology, to cover the full range of our customer needs.


Electronic signature services

Our partners’ encryption solutions guarantee that our customers benefit from state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the full protection of their information based on proven technologies complying with international standards.

DocuSign: number one European operator of trusted services, DocuSign is the first French operator to have ensured compliance to French regulations on electronic signatures.


Electronic archiving services

Electronic archiving services providers deal with the preservation of digital documents in conditions that ensure integrity, sustainability and safety of the entrusted data throughout the expected shelf life.

CDC Arkhinéo: a Subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts, CDC Arkhinéo is the first French Trusted Third Party for archiving and long-term preservation of electronic data.

Business Partners

A major strength of QuickSign’s  digital contract management solution is its adaptability to each client’s specific needs. It enables us to offer a tailored – yet simple, secure and cost-effective – solution to every client. But meeting a client’s needs not only requires a thorough knowledge of its activities and drivers, it also demands a true proximity and direct contacts.

QuickSign is therefore committed to developing business partnerships and building collaborations with distributors in Europe: bring your local market knowledge as well as your business expertise to our partner ecosystem, and become a distributor of our platform! Using the QuickSign portfolio of solutions, help your clients architect, conceive and implement digital contract management solutions within their workflows. Thanks to our technology, you will be able to offer powerful solutions to your clients and take advantage of new revenue streams.

Why partner with us?

The leading solution on a thriving European market

QuickSign offers a state-of-the-art solution, on an ever growing market, with even more traction to come thanks to recent European regulation.

The most powerful and customizable SaaS platform available

Our platform is easy to implement & customize for all scenarios and contexts of sale; but is is also able to deal with large volume of transactions.

The business partner you are looking for

QuickSign will bring experience and expertise to its partners as well as a comprehensive partner care program and attractive revenue opportunities.

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Our business partners capitalize on these promising features to engage in a win-win relationship with QuickSign.

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