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Leading Digital Contract Solution in the Finance Industry

QuickSign is in the forefront of digital contract management solutions adopted by organisations across several sectors in Europe – consumer credit, wealth management, insurance and direct banking.

For consumer finance services, the contract closing process traditionally requires significant paperwork and the staff involvement across several departments. Through an end-to-end digital contract process, productivity is increased, costs are reduced and risks are cut.

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Use Case: Online Banking


icon-onlinebankingOnline banking is a small but rapidly expanding sector, with a tremendous growth potential. For online banks, being a “pure player” raises many challenges regarding consumers’ trust and confidence in their services.

Online banks seek to be exemplary on the simplicity, accessibility and security of their processes while taking advantage of all the benefits digitization can provide for their organization and for client relationship.


Opening a bank account is complex and time-consuming for customers and banks, because of strong legal requirements and usually involves a lot of printing, signing, mailing and archiving. Online banks choose to go fully digital as a way to make bank account opening procedures simple, rapid and user-friendly for the customers and for back-office teams.


A digital contract signature solution is a way to streamline an end-to-end digital customer experience. The simplicity of opening a 100% online bank account became a key driver for online banking development.

Key Outcomes

Easier, faster signing process

With QuickSign, signing a contract is easier and faster: T&Cs are presented and validated online; clients are authenticated and express their consent on a voice server; mandatory documents can be scanned or photographed and uploaded; the contract can browsed and digitally signed in minutes.

More efficient back office processes

Back office work is made more efficient: personalized contracts are prepared automatically; once digitally signed, contracts are immediately sent back for processing, therefore saving mailing costs and delays, and avoiding documents loss risks. Sales cycles are dramatically sped up.

Reminders management

Our solution allows the monitoring of signatures in real-time. Reminders and notifications can be easily managed and sent to customers engaged in a signing a contract online.

Stronger legal compliance

Signing a contract involves risks of confusion or omission that may jeopardize its validity. With QuickSign, contracts cannot be signed unless the signatories expressed all the required consents, and the signature relies on leading trust services.

Reduced ecological footprint

Adopting a digital contract management solution allows our clients to reduce printing, mailing and archiving costs, avoiding hundreds of thousands of contract pages that should have been printed and sent each year.

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