About QuickSign

Digitally Onboarding Customers

QuickSign enables businesses to accelerate contract closing.

Organisations with B2C transactions are going paperless with QuickSign’s comprehensive, easy-to-use solution

to sign, approve and archive digital contracts with a full audit trail.

What We Do

QuickSign® SaaS platform is a cutting edge solution to manage digital contracts with an electronic signature.

QuickSign is the outcome of a tight collaboration between legal, cryptography and sales specialists in order to streamline sales processes by replacing the printer, the scanner and the mail.

The ideal solution for managing B2C contracts facing regulatory constraints or complicated by financial risk, QuickSign provides a fully digitalized end-to-end contract management process, including legally enforceable electronic signatures and customizable workflows for specific business needs.

Where We Come From

Businesses develop online offers to meet the demands of digital consumption, yet when it comes to closing a contract, there is room for continuity in the digital journey. Time, effort and costs can be saved with a paperless exchange.

This gap was our driving force to create a digital contract management solution, and QuickSign was founded in 2006.

The following year, we were awarded an innovation trophy by an e-commerce magazine.

What Makes Us Different

With 10 years and counting of service to mainly financial institutions in 15 European countries – retail banks, credit providers, direct banks and insurers – we offer our expertise in the large scale deployment of advanced workflows for B2C regulated digital contracts.

We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses, and provide a tailored and cost-effective solution to every client. As a lean organization, we communicate closely with our customers and are highly adaptable to their needs.

With a mission to bring continuous innovation and facility in which businesses are conducted, we invest strongly in R&D while staying committed to compliance with evolving legal regulations.

Leadership team

photo CEO and founder

Thibaut Ravisé

Founder and CEO

Graduated from HEC, Thibaut Ravisé began his career by participating in the launch of Keynectis, the first French Trusted Third party. He developed an extensive business expertise in the field of financial products distribution to consumers within the banking, insurance & credit sectors. This led him to launch QuickSign in 2006, the first mass market electronic signature solution, in partnership with Keynectis. For the past 10 years, he has been supporting financial services leaders in their multi-channel digitalization projects.

photo founder and business development

Benoit Lassara

Founder and Business Development

Benoit Lassara began his carrer at JP Morgan (Fixed Income markets in Paris and London) before joining EGG bank. He then co-founded the company Altenor in charge of the management of strategic consulting missions with many players in the financial services (Altenor has been acquired in 2010). He is in charge of international business development of the QuickSign platform to implement global paperless solutions in the credit, banking and insurance industries.

photo Marketing Director

Laila Bendiab

Marketing Director

Laïla is a graduate from ESCP-EAP with over 10 years of professional experience in BtoC banking product marketing. Since 2007, she has been running the entire implementation process of all projects that our customers have entrusted to us.

photo director of operations

Xavier Roussillon

Director of Operations

Xavier holds a specialized Master’s degree from both EM Lyon and Central Lyon. He began as a consultant in payments, and then took the lead of the projects department of Lcom. He joined QuickSign in 2009 to ensure the operational maintenance of our platform.

photo Chief Technology Officer

Cédric Vidal

Chief Technology Officer

Cédric holds a Master’s degree in computer science from the EISTI. He began his career as a developer, designer and analyst, before becoming Technical Manager and then Technical Director at Proxiad. He joined QuickSign in early 2014 and became our Chief Technology Officer.

photo administrative and financial manager

Elisabeth Basini

Administrative & Financial Manager

Elisabeth is a graduate from ESCP Europe (in management) and from Université Panthéon Sorbonne (in corporate law), with almost 10 years of experience in Finance. She joined QuickSign in 2015 to manage our administrative and financial office.


QuickSign is a small but rapidly growing company which brings together high-level specialists from various professional backgrounds (computer science, finances, sales…). Our teams are young and they are passionate about our product and our services. Most of all, they are always looking for new technological and commercial challenges.

We are always on the lookout for motivated candidates to join us and contribute to our development. Don’t hesitate to contact us!