Why Switch to Electronic Signatures?

Go Paperless with a Digital Signature Process

Having your customers sign a paper contract is a costly and time-consuming process.

As consumers are moving online, businesses need to progress towards digital proficiency to optimize sales potential and stay relevant in competitive markets.

Speed Up Your Customer Conversions


As a result of instantaneous capture and upload of supporting documents using QuickSign apps, application processing can start immediately without delay.

30 minutes

Median time taken for a customer to read, upload documents, sign and submit a contract.

3 Minutes

Average processing time by middle office, thanks to Optical Character Recognition and automatic verification of uploaded documents with third-party databases.


Enhance Customer Experience

  • Simplify contract signing at both online and Point of Sale with the immediacy of an electronic signature solution. Say goodbye to printing, scanning and courier services.
  • Display a modern image of your service with our easy-to-use, compatible and integrated platform.
Gain new visibility on the customer journey

  • QuickSign solution gives you access to powerful tools that allow you to monitor every stage of your customer’s contract signing process. Make confident decisions, adapt processes, manage operational risks and reach operational efficiency.
  • With in-built reporting capabilities, use QuickSign reporting tools to analyse which workflows can be improved to speed up the customer journey.
Take Advantage of Multi-Channel Capabilities

  • Gain flexibility with a multi-channel platform: start a customer contact by phone, email or at Point of Sale and close the deal over the Internet.
Boost Your Sales Performance

  • Accelerate your sales process rates and reduce risk of non-compliance with an electronic signature solution
  • Improve staff productivity by reducing administrative formalities and cumbersome documentation in the traditional contract signing process.
  • Drastically reduce your printing, archiving and mailing costs as well as your ecological footprint.
Accelerate Adoption Rate with an SaaS platform

  • QuickSign solution can be deployed quickly and easily for your organisation.
  • No software installation is required by your customers, thanks to a fully in-browser solution.
Build Trust in Your Digital Services

  • Designed together with legal experts and validated by leading law firms, QuickSign has full legal compliance for B2C financial contract management in Europe.
  • Your workflows can be adapted to continuously changing practices.
Discover how QuickSign can be customized for your business.